Honoring Our Founder, Anna Redgate

July 10, 2017

YouImpact founder and developer Anna Van Zee Redgate passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in April of this year.

A mother of three children and a beacon of light for positivity and change in her community, she left a legacy of hope and an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

YouImpact was deeply personal for Anna. She and two of her children were hit by a repeat-offender drunk driver in Palm Beach County on New Year’s Day in 2000. Her 9-month old baby daughter Grace was killed in the tragedy.

After her own horrific experience, Anna made the decision to use her painful  journey to help other people and to impact social change and issues around impaired driving.

She spearheaded efforts to implement pedestrian safety measures on the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach County and worked on legislation for public safety. She was tireless in her effort to make real change regarding drunk driving and educating people on the “ripple effect” of their choices on others.

She volunteered on countless Victim Impact Panels around the state of Florida.

It was her work with live Victim Impact Panels where she witnessed firsthand the many discrepancies in the process and helped to create national “best practice” guidelines for live panels.

This work with VIPs was also the impetus for Anna to create the online YouImpact program, integrating those same “best practices” and delivering a powerful and effective message about accountability and making real change through better choices.

The YouImpact online program is one-of-a-kind with accessibility anywhere in the world for offenders. It was Anna’s hope to make real change in connecting with DUI offenders and convicted impaired drivers.  The intent of YouImpact’s program was to widen the audience and reach more people to provoke true change. At the heart of her work was the belief that she could help stop another senseless tragedy.

“YouImpact and Anna’s mission is more important now than ever,” says Robin Lis of YouImpact. “We will move forward with that same heart and commitment to making positive change and reaching more people with YouImpact.”

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  • jack roark says:

    May you be at peace forever, Anna. Your story had a huge impact on me. Because of your actions to create change after your tragedy, I am now forever changed. I pledge to carry on your mission in whatever way I can.

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